About I Like Plants and Stuff

Owner of I Like Plants and Stuff (“ILPAS”), Amanda Reyes, is a plant-loving creative soul proud Latina with a heart that blooms for both design and all things plants. As an aspiring artist and graphic designer, I find inspiration in the beauty of nature, particularly the space of indoor plants. My first (successful) set of plants were sent to me through the US postal system, by two close family friends, whom we refer to as the “Plant Queens”. From there my plant collection, very quickly, grew to 50+ in less than six months.

The intention of this store is to spread joy to plant lovers of all kinds through the creation of designs for apparel. As a plant parent, it brings me joy and solace in watching my plants thrive, and I want ILPAS products to evoke that same emotion. Express your inner plant enthusiast through apparel and stuff. 

ILPAS showcases a collection of plant-inspired apparel and accessories meant to resonate with all sorts of plant enthusiasts. Each collection is designed with love and intention, hoping to inspire a closer connection with nature and a sense of style that blooms.

I invite you to join me on this botanical adventure as we celebrate the beauty of nature, embrace our roots, and adorn ourselves with designs that echo our love for plants.

Let's bloom and grow together, as a community of plant lovers and art enthusiasts!

Thank you.